North Shore Community Resources


Explore Community Engagement

The North Shore is a vibrant community full of opportunities. Preview some of our offerings such as resources to promote affordable housing and Democracy Cafes to encourage civic participation in our elections.


Family Programs

Healthy families are a core tenet of any healthy community. We offer programs to assist with child care, parental support, and other family needs.


Seniors and Caregiver Support

Our population is diverse with young and old. Seniors, and their care givers, have a special place in the community and also bring special needs. We have several programs to help seniors age well and also help support those who care for them.


Legal Advocacy Services

Disputes that make their way into the legal system can become complex and costly. We provide a basic legal advocacy service to assist those who need help navigating the legal system and understanding their options.


Volunteerism is the Engine that Powers our Community

Volunteerism is the engine that powers our Community. People giving their time to help others makes a difference to our neighbours and ourselves.


North Shore Community Resources is Dedicated to Individual and Community Well-Being Through Facilitating Social Connections, Empowerment and Community Participation

Our Vision is a thriving North Shore community.

Our Mission is to design and deliver programs and services that enhance well-being, social connections, empowerment and community participation.

We invite you to explore our programs and services.

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I appreciate all the wonderful things you do for me from the bottom of my heart. You really make my life a lot simpler and less stressful. 

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